I am that travel agent you always wished you had; that person who knows all the best places to see, things to do and, maybe most important of all, where to stay without disappointment.

Did you know that’s one of the biggest problems in travel today? People arrive at their destination and discover it’s either not what they expected or, quite simply, it doesn’t fit their interests and/or budget.


And if I can help you save money and still make your dreams come true, that would be nice too!

Many people tell me how much they’d love to travel…all over the world…and how they’d love to take an unforgettable vacation.

But they’re not sure where to start. That’s where I come in…

After many years working behind the scenes in the travel industry, I’m here to help you find more interesting, carefree vacations than you can plan for yourself.

I keep up-to-date on the travel industry and then pass that knowledge on to you.

I’ve never enjoyed my work more and I wouldn’t trade my job for anything!

I work at home writing about every aspect of travel…including exciting destinations all over the world.

Travel has always been my obsession…and I love this life!

Given enough time and energy, you can do all the research I do, but your time is valuable and, to do the research right, you have to know the best resources.


I love everything about travel!

I love to research a trip. I love to learn everything I possibly can about a destination.

I love to tell everyone I know about great places to visit and things to do while they’re there.

My passion about travel and my search for quality has led me to create a system to provide you with the very best ideas for your next vacation or getaway.

For years, people have been coming to me for advice on travel planning. So now, follow me and I will tell you all about the very best in travel throughout the world.

Even when I went to college, I chose a degree in International Studies because I wanted to travel. As it turns out, my background in history, culture and societies makes me very knowledgeable about the countries you would like to visit.

Check back for ebooks and special Condensed Travel Digests that I will be preparing to keep you up-to-date on many parts of the world.

I’m here any time if you have questions or comments, either about what I recommend or with new journeys that you would like me to research. Just email me at my Contact page.

P.S. I also stay up-to-date on limited-time specials, last minute deals and inside secrets on many trips that will be coming up. And, of course, I will pass those tips on to you.

Your adventure begins here…