Snowmobiling in Alaska

Snowmobiling in Alaska

Photo Courtesy of The Guardian UK

Many people believe that Alaska is a vast, freezing wilderness. To a certain extent, that is true. But Alaska is also blessed with spectacular snow that is glorious to explore by snowmobile.

There are several companies offering “safaris” into the frozen wilderness and the backcountry is perfect for long-distance snowmobiling in Alaska.

For example, you spend a winter day zipping through the frozen wilds on a glacier snowmobiling tour from Anchorage into the Chugach Mountains. You will find yourself tracking through open fields while seeing beaver ponds and waterfalls frozen in place.

If the conditions are favorable, you can even drive out to the glacier and see some of its frozen icebergs and caves.

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Also leaving from Anchorage, you can take a three-day trip to Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America. You can also snowmobile through spectacular Denali State Park, moving from lodge to lodge.

Traveling at speeds up to 80 mph, you will experience a sense of freedom that you’ve never imagined and, if you stop and listen, you will hear a silence that is deep and crystal clear.

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