Cruise FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Is Cruising Affordable and a good vacation value? Cruising is the best vacation value! There are cruise vacations to suit every budget. Your cruise fare includes your accommodation, on board activities and entertainment, most meals, plus transportation from port to port. You’ll know what your vacation will cost you before you […]

Why a Cruise is a Budget Vacation

Why a Cruise is a Budget Vacation One of the main attractions to booking a cruise is that just about everything is included in the price. When many people think about a budget vacation, they picture an intrepid traveler in a roach infested hotel room eating stale sandwiches and riding around on the city bus.  […]

What to Know When Taking a Mexican Cruise

What to Know When Taking a Mexican Cruise Going on vacation on a cruise ship is still a very popular choice for many travelers. Quite a few cruise ships can provide an exciting Mexican cruise, whether on the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean. This type of vacation combines the luxury of a floating […]

Snowmobiling in Alaska

Many people believe that Alaska is a vast, freezing wilderness. To a certain extent, that is true. But Alaska is also blessed with spectacular snow that is glorious to explore by snowmobile. There are several companies offering “safaris” into the frozen wilderness and the backcountry is perfect for long-distance snowmobiling in Alaska. For example, you […]

Guide to EcoTourism

If you have a passion for adventure, want to explore the world and have experiences you have always imagined up until now, then ecotourism might be just right for you. What is ecotourism? According to the International Ecotourism Society (TIES) it is “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being […]

Eco Lodging on Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island is the southernmost island of the Great Barrier Reef off the Eastern coast of Australia. The island lies 46 nautical miles (85 km; 53 mi) north-east of Bundaberg and covers an area of approximately 45 hectares (110 acres). The island is home to a small eco resort and an airstrip. Lady Elliot Island is […]

Get Away to the Solitude of the Inner Hebrides in Scotland

If you travel first to Scotland, then to the West to the wild and remote Inner Hebrides, you will come to the beautiful, mountainous and sparsely-populated island of Jura. There, overlooking the famous Corryvreckan Whirlpool, you will find a beautiful farmhouse named Barnhill which has become famous as the home of George Orwell while he […]

5 Ways to Obtain Discount Luxury Travel

The majority of people are not financially well off, but would like to be.  But the good news is that sometimes you can temporarily live like the “rich and famous” and enjoy the excitement of luxury travel. So, as the saying goes, if you have champagne taste on a beer budget, let’s get going. We’ll […]

Guide to Luxury Travel

What are the necessary ingredients for truly luxurious travel? First and foremost, there must be attention to even the smallest detail. That means your experience must be meticulously planned and executed, with the greatest care. There must be an unsurpassed level of service…including personal attention to your every request. There must be luxurious properties, all […]

Important Travel Tips

Important Travel Tips Experienced travelers the world over know one of the most important travel tips — Less is more. Who wants to carry around heavy, bulky bags when you’re far from home, most likely running from place to place and trying to make sure all of your belongings continue to be your belongings? The […]